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    UCLA VRP Report Urges Orange County to Create Its First Latino-Majority District During the 2021 Redistricting Process

    The UCLA Voting Rights Project is urging the Orange County Board of Supervisors to create the county’s first Latino-majority supervisorial district and to increase the political influence of its growing Asian American electorate in a report issued today. The UCLA VRP’s analysis is intended to inform the 2021 district maps.




    According to UCLA Voting Rights Project’s report, Orange County has become increasingly diverse in the last 10 years, with Latinos and Asian American populations representing up to 50% of the county. During the 2011 redistricting process, Orange County divided places like Anaheim and Santa Ana, diluting the political power of those city’s Latino population for more than a decade. Failure to correct these historical wrongs could put Orange County at risk of being in violation of the federal and state voting rights guidelines, according to the report.

    The UCLA Voting Rights Project is providing guidance for counties across California to ensure full compliance with the Voting Rights Act in the face of rapid demographic changes over the past ten years.