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Mobility & Opportunity

Latinos are the economic drivers of the American economy. Yet, they are overrepresented in low-wage roles that led to financial insecurity and barriers to wealth creation. UCLA LPPI is dedicated to highlighting the economic prowess of Latinos and advancing policies that take big bets on Latinos and their role in the global economy.

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Immigrant Rights

Immigrants are central to the nation’s economy, but are too often excluded from economic and social policies that expand opportunity. UCLA LPPI leverages empirical research to improve the quality of life for immigrants and combat discriminatory policies and programs. 

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic put a painful spotlight on the fatal consequences of health inequities, unequal access to healthcare was a top concern for UCLA LPPI. Using data and research, UCLA LPPI’s health experts are guiding policymakers toward approaches that expand access to quality, culturally competent healthcare.

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Criminal Justice

While Latinos make up a large population of those directly impacted by the criminal justice system, national and local reforms have yet to meaningfully account for that impact. UCLA LPPI works to ensure that Latinos are not left out of the criminal justice reform conversation through data, advocacy, and mobilization.

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Democracy & Voting Rights

Throughout America, people of color continue to face unfair and unconstitutional barriers to accessing the rights and privileges of our Democracy. From the Census to governmental appointments, UCLA LPPI is committed to defending access to the ballot box and advocating for full participation in our American democracy. 

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