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UCLA VRP Report Urges Changes to Proposed Maps in Yolo County to Preserve the Strength of the Latino Vote

The UCLA Voting Rights Project today issued a memo to the Yolo County Board of Supervisors urging them to reject redistricting map proposals that would split the Latino vote in the only supervisorial district where a Latino official has been elected.




According to the 2020 Census, Yolo County鈥檚 Latino population has grown by nearly 11,000 residents in the last decade. Specifically in District 5, the Latino voting population has grown by 6% during that time frame, now making up 40% of the electorate in that district. Supervisor Angel Barajas was elected to the supervisorial seat in 2020, and the Voting Rights Project report states that current proposed maps would imperil the ability of Latino voters to continue electing their candidates of choice in District 5. Failure to protect the Latino vote could put the Board of Supervisors and the County in conflict with state and federal voting rights regulations.

The UCLA Voting Rights Project is providing guidance for counties across California to ensure full compliance with the Voting Rights Act in the face of rapid demographic changes over the past ten years.