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    Raymond Rocco

    Issues Democracy & Voting Rights

    Professor Emeritus of Political Science, UCLA
    Division of Social Sciences

    Ray Rocco focuses on the relationships between globalization, democracy, citizenship and marginalized communities, with an emphasis on Latin American communities in the U.S. His recent publications have developed a framework for addressing a specific configuration of themes at the intersection of political theory (citizenship, democracy, civil society), cultural studies (identity, difference, border theory), post-colonial thought (diaspora, hybridity, alterity), and theories of globalization (restructuring, transnationalism, migration). These themes are reflected in undergraduate courses on Latino politics and community development, contemporary theories of empowerment, multicultural citizenship in democratic societies, and in graduate courses that have focused on postmodernist political thought, citizenship in a transnational context, and civil society and the public sphere. 

    Rocco’s most recent book is “Transforming Citizenship: Democracy, Membership, and Belonging in Latino Communities” (MSU Press, 2014), part of the Michigan State University Press “Latinos in the United States” series.