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Michael Herndon


Senior Policy Fellow

Michael Herndon is a 1st year PhD student who studies Latinx Political Behavior at UCLA. Michael believes that the future of American politics lies in how communities of color will influence political institutions in the years to come. Born and raised in Eastern Nebraska, Michael’s ultimate goal is to see even the most overlooked, isolated, and taken for granted populations take control of their own destiny through political empowerment. Before coming to Los Angeles, Michael has held positions with the federal and state government and has experience in Washington D.C. working in non-profit and advocacy organizations. While at UCLA, his goal is to build a solid theoretical foundation and learn cutting edge technical skills to study politics in marginalized communities. Michael has conducted and co-authored research for LPPI on the 2020 Latino Vote, as well as the overall impact of voters of color on the 2020 election. Upon graduating, he hopes to obtain a job in academia where he can shed light on social problems through research and advocacy.