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Soto Palmer et al. v. Hobbs et al.

The UCLA Voting Rights Project, in partnership with Campaign Legal Center and MALDEF are suing the state of Washington over their newly approved legislative maps as one of the legislative districts has the effect of diluting Latino voters ability to elect candidates of choice in the Yakima Valley region.




The Washington State Redistricting Commission (the “Commission”) intentionally selected redistricting plans for Washington’s state legislative districts that dilute Hispanic and/or Latino voters’ ability to elect candidates of choice. The Commission did so by configuring District 15, which includes parts of the Yakima Valley and Pasco, to be a façade of a Latino opportunity district. The choices of the commission—(1) excluding adjacent, politically cohesive Latino voters, (2) including a large number of rural white voters, (3) extending the district to reach non-politically active Latino voters, and (4) placing the district on a non-presidential election year cycle—result in a district that is a façade of Latino opportunity district.