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Adriana Bernal


Policy Fellow

Adriana Bernal is a 2022 Policy Fellow who studies Public Affairs at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs. A native of the Bay Area, Adriana enjoys exploring the culture and politics of the City of Los Angeles. Adriana is interested in how public policy can alleviate injustices imposed on disenfranchised communities. Based on her experiences working with youth, Adriana hopes to engage in education policy and reform. Currently, Adriana works on the Criminal and Juvenile Justice portfolio at LPPI where she conducts survey research and examines publicly available reports on demographic data collection practices. Through this work, she has learned how to refine research methodologies, and present data findings. In addition, she has learned the value of collaboration amongst researchers and practitioners across disciplines. As she continues her undergraduate career, Adriana looks forward to learning how research-based policy solutions are used to create effective change.