Making News

“What it looks like to me is they’re setting up a process for purging voters” – Chad Dunn

Yakima Herald-Republic: Groups that filed lawsuits applaud council’s decision to pull strong mayor off February ballot

Yakima Herald-Republic: Yakima Council pulls strong mayor question off February ballot after UCLA lawsuit

Yakima Herald-Republic: Yakima sued over strong mayor proposal – twice

Dallas Morning News: Civil Rights Groups Accuse the Republican Secretary of State of using questionable data to alarm citizens

Houston Chronicle: Corruption probe of Texas Speaker Bonnen is on familiar track

Austin Statesman: Gerrymander ruling shifts focus to Texas 2020 elections

Texas Tribune: Gov. Greg Abbott blames DPS for voter roll snafu. But the story behind the citizenship review is complicated

San Antonio Express: San Antonio judge will order counties to stop requesting proof of citizenship in state voter purge program

NBC News: Latino, minority voters helped drive Democrats’ gains in U.S. House, experts say

Los Angeles Times: Orange is latest city in O.C. to adopt district elections; the goal of greater diversity may take time

Washington Post: New research shows just how badly a citizenship question would hurt the 2020 Census

Crosscut: WA to protect against voting discrimination with new voting rights law

New York Times: How Latino Voting Power Will Count in the 2020 Primary

Los Angeles Times: Supreme Court weighs a Trump census question that could undercut California’s power

NBC News: Supreme Court Recognizes That With Gerrymandering, Not all Votes Are Equal

CityLab: These States Are Doing the Most to Rob Minority Voters on Super Tuesday

538: What We Know About Voter ID Laws

Salon: Eye of the storm: North Carolina is also at the heart of Trump’s voter suppression project

PBS News: Texas voter ID law discriminates against minorities, court rules

San Antonio Express: DOJ to 5th Circuit: Texas voter ID law needs to be fixed ASAP

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