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    Democracy & Voting Rights

    Here’s What We Know About The Election So Far

    “We need only look at the impact of the historic Latino voter impact in 2018 to get a sense of  both participation this cycle, which was historic, both through early day and day-of voting. … We  saw in 2018 that Latinos were decisive in a number of key races in L.A. County and Orange  County, including those House districts with large Latino electorates that flipped from  Republican control to Democratic control,” said Sonja Diaz (Diaz’s segment begins at approx.  19:30.) 

    “There has been absolute growth in the Latino vote, and it is being fueled by young people.  Whether you’re talking about here in California or some of the other stuff that we have been  seeing in Arizona, in Texas. There are absolutely huge numbers. And that is going to continue,”  says Matt Barreto. (Barreto’s segment begins at approx. 88:40.)