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Marcel Roman


Senior Policy Fellow

Marcel Roman is a PhD student in the political science department at UCLA. His primary research interests are in Latinx politics and the effects of immigration enforcement on Latinx political behavior. As the Latinx population continues to grow, so does the population of long-term undocumented immigrants embedded in the social and political life of the Latinx community writ large. This motivated Marcel to understand how both the immigration enforcement apparatus and social ties with undocumented immigrants motivates Latino behavior and poltiical attitudes. At LPPI, Marcel has helped collect and analyze data that help us understand which candidates Latinx and other racial/ethnic groups support. After completing his PhD, Marcel hopes to pursue a career in academia and to continue using his data analysis skills to help advance the interests of the Latinx and other underrepresented communities. Marcel has operated as a research assistant in several court cases related to immigrant rights and immigration enforcement. He is also an American Political Science Association Minority Fellow and Cota-Robles fellow at the University of California-Los Angeles.