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Event Diversity & Inclusion

UCLA LPPI Community Briefing: Latino Representation in the L.A. Times

Join a panel of national Latino leaders who will discuss the research findings of a new report on Latino representation within the L.A. Times and why inclusion in media is important for the Latino community.

Join the UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Institute and the National Hispanic Media Coalition on Wednesday, December 15 to discuss the results of a new report – Unseen and Unheard: The Underrepresentation of Latino Voices and Stories in the Los Angeles Times” – that looks at the invisibility of Latino voices in the opinion section of the Los Angeles Times, an internationally renowned newspaper located in a county that is almost 50% Latino. 

Newspaper opinion sections help shape public opinion and drive policy action, making it essential for the voices that are included to be representative of the communities they serve. This conversation with national Latino leaders will discuss the research findings, calls to action to address issues of media representation, and why inclusion in media is so important for the Latino community.


Event Details:

Dec. 15, 2021 

10:30am PST / 1:30pm EST

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A recording of this panel discussion is available here.