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Convening Democracy & Voting Rights

Rally for Our Rights: We Are 25 Years Beyond Prop 187

We are CA, Somos CA convened local leaders and advocates of the Latino community to celebrate the 25 years since the removal of Proposition 187.


Prop 187 was a pivotal moment in California’s history. Our state was engaged in a fierce debate about who deserved to be a Californian and share in all our state has to offer. Prop 187, a symbolic representation of that debate, became a profound turning point where California went from a state apprehensive about immigration to a state of diversity and prosperity.

We Are – 25 Years Beyond Prop 187 is a campaign to honor Prop 187 by ensuring we never go back to the racist and xenophobic environment that enabled it to come into law. It’s a campaign to remind us that we must come together now, as we did then, to stand for equality, stand for immigrant rights, and above all, stand for each other.

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