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Event Democracy & Voting Rights

Latina State Senators Reshaping National Politics from the Southwest

LPPI hosted a symposium with Latina leaders from across the southwest to discuss the power of Latina leaders in politics.

Latinas are front and center going into the 2020 general election, a contest that is predicted to have one of the narrowest electoral terrains in recent memory. Next year is not just about the White House; the 2020 decennial census will dictate political and budgetary power for communities across the country. The Southwest will play a leading role in 2020, building on the region’s historic victories in the 2018 midterms. We explored how Latina politicians endeavor to not only transform the ballot box, but expand opportunity and mobility for all.

We hosted a conversation with legislative leaders from Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico, as we explored how to restore dignity and opportunity for communities of color. Panelists included:

  • Arizona Senator Rebecca Rios
  • California Senator María Elena Durazo
  • Colorado Senator Julie Gonzales
  • Nevada Senator Yvanna Cancela
  • New Mexico Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez