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Myrna Rosales

Digital Associate

Myrna Rosales takes the lead in telling stories through a dizzying stream of innovative and contemporary design for LPPI. They design in real-time about current events and leading-edge research. Myrna gravitates towards work that advocates in equity for all. Before joining LPPI in 2019, Myrna was one of the creative leads in designing and curating events for several brands and non-profit organizations. Their work focuses on cultural competency, storytelling, content development, and graphic design.

Myrna graduated from the University of California, Irvine, where they began their journey in driving visual narratives that were backed by data, facts, and cognitive empathy. In their spare time, Myrna enjoys traveling and meeting people they share the world with. They also volunteer their skills to organizations such as the Los Angeles LGBT Center and BLD PWR.

Latino Policy & Politics Initiative

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