The expansion of criminal justice institutions at the federal and state levels has exacerbated issues of mass incarceration and failed to achieve public safety or satisfy fiscal responsibility, which contributes to today’s bipartisan support for criminal justice reform. These impacts are far reaching and LPPI understands that as the nation’s largest racial/ethnic minority, Latinos are directly impacted by the criminal justice system. Yet, national and local reforms have yet to tailor evidence-based policies that account for the impact of criminal justice policies, including policing, mass incarceration, crimmigration, and unequal rates of prosecution on Latinos and other marginalized communities of color. LPPI’s criminal justice portfolio amplifies the experience of Latinos across the criminal justice system through data, advocacy, and civic engagement.


LPPI & LatinoJustice PRDLEF | May 2018

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Sonja Diaz, Dora Armenta | October 2018

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UCLA Law Review Symposium | February 2019

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Media Coverage

UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs Newsroom, Decriminalizing Latinos is Focus of Criminal Justice Gathering (June 25, 2018).

LatinoJustice, Latinxs from Around the Country Convene in California to Strategize and Mobilize for Criminal Justice Reform (May 29, 2018).

UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs Flickr, LPPI LatinoJustice Event (May 31, 2018).

LatinoJustice, Facebook Live Video: Latinx and Criminal Justice Reform (May 31, 2018).

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