LPPI is a multifaceted laboratory designed to support Latinos in and beyond California around domestic policy challenges. This work supports culturally and linguistically competent policy reforms, keeps decision-makers accountable to the needs of marginalized communities, and provides a framework for local and state interventions across the U.S. that reflect the needs of the nation’s new majority.

LPPI fosters innovative research, leverages policy-relevant expertise, drives civic engagement, and nurtures a leadership pipeline to propel viable policy reforms that expand opportunity.


Through partnerships with its affiliated faculty, LPPI produces innovative applied policy research and rigorous analysis of domestic policy’s impact on Latinos and other marginalized communities of color. LPPI’s breadth of expertise spans 12 issue areas, including civil rights, educational equity, health access, labor, and employment. Search for issue-area experts.

LPPI promotes real-time evidence-based policy reforms across California’s elected bodies and agency governance structures. Proposed legislation and regulations impacting Latinos are rigorously analyzed, leading to key testimony and legislative analysis by subject matter experts. Nonpartisan legislative briefings focus on how local and state policies impact communities of color in and beyond California.



LPPI convenes community leaders, academics, appointed and elected officials, funders, and other stakeholders to discuss the most-pressing challenges and opportunities affecting Latinos and other communities of color. LPPI’s civic partners inform and support our work, providing feedback, sharing research findings and propelling civic engagement for policy and systems change.

Our talented student experts gain hands-on policy experience and realize opportunities for research and publication. They benefit from professional mentorship to develop management skills and champion equity and innovation. Learn more about LPPI’s leadership development portfolio here.


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